A Haunting in 2010…



The 2010 Halloween Season:
A little less Haunting, A lot more Partying!

In this post we’ll take you through our haunt’s general layout, plus talk about some of the decorating ideas and techniques that we used to haunt our home in Halloween 2010. But if you find that you have an insatiable thirst for more home haunting tips & tricks, then you may want to consider these how to haunt your house resources as well.

Screaming Scarecrow 2010 Halloween Home Haunt decorations and props

This Halloween, for a number of different reasons, we set up less walk through haunt structure. This was mainly due to; #1, my back physically would not let me build as much haunt space as we did last year and #2, we wanted to throw another Halloween party instead. Something we hadn‘t done since the 2007 Halloween season.

Flashback to 2007

That’s the year we found out first hand how difficult it is to live in the war zone that is hardcore home haunting! As we are prone to do, we moved out ALL the furniture from the dinning room, living room and the kid‘s bedrooms (kids were at Grandma’s!) – that left only one room in the entire house not insanely decorated for the Halloween party.

Then outside, we built & setup our walk thru home haunt with 3 main rooms and some walk through maze yet to boot! Putting all those props and scenes together after building the structure with three kids and both of us working – it was almost too much. So for next 2 Halloween seasons, 2008 & 2009 there was no party as we choose to concentrate wholly on haunting instead.

Return Back to Halloween 2010

The haunting desire to host another spooktacular Halloween party overshadowed the downside of all the work and mayhem. But even still, we did decide to haunt less outside and put more efforts into our Halloween decorating for the party inside our home.

Halloween Home Haunting decorations by Screaming Scarecrow for 2010

Both the outside haunt for the trick-r-treaters and our Halloween costume party were a huge success and were enjoyed by all the creatures of the night that came. Once again, our victims had to enter by walking up our driveway and pass through our creepy graveyard to gain access by the coffin door of our haunted house.

Inside they were flanked on one side by our frightening Fortune Tellers and on the other by a sinister Spider Vampire prop surrounded by his minions. Next they had a choice to go left or right.

Halloween tombstone decorations and props setup in Screaming Scarecrow‘s home yard huant

Left took them outside the haunt structure and into a secondary spooky little graveyard with our Witch‘s Hut as a background. Right carried them further into the black heart of our home haunting crypt!

The main room in the haunt that we built outside, which led to the front door of our actual house, had plenty of Halloween monster props and a haunted pipe organ set against a mural of a creepy, fog covered, Halloween styled, classic haunted mansion.

This room also had a window built into it so that one could look out over the spooky side graveyard. The window was complete with creepy curtains and had one of our favourite monster props peering in.

Ceiling Crawlers and Monster props in an haunted organ room

From here our trembling guest would now have to enter our home which also had been turned upside down into a crypt of Halloween decorating darkness! But we’ll leave that for Part II of this post!

Screaming Scarecrow Halloween Images: Haunted Artwork for Halloween by screaming scarecrow, spidersThanks for checking us out – Be sure to look around at some of the other sticky cobwebs that we have spun.
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.


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We have found their sounds to be hauntingly amazing!


5 Responses to “A Haunting in 2010…


  2. Janetor the Great says:

    Just spent 3 hours straight checkin it out, and IT IS FANTASTIC!!!

  3. Screaming Scarecrow says:

    Cool! Thanks for checking us out! Glad you found stuff you liked while you were here!
    And we’re even happier you took the time to comment on our Halloween haunting content!!!
    1031 24/7 Janetor the Great!!

  4. Ive spent nearly an hour on this site and it is very impressive. The haunts are spectacular and my wife is goona kill me because Im going to try ubergrim and your fantastic entry way.

  5. Screaming Scarecrow says:

    Awesome Mr. Vampire Slayer!!
    We appreiciate the encouraging words – its fun when your Halloween home haunt gets noticed!
    If you decide to tackle Uber Grim the giant reaper prop remember to always put everybody’s saftey 1st!!
    Good luck and have great Haunting fun!
    Cheers Screaming Scarecrow


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