Behind The Loose Stone In The Wall…



With a groaning creak the heavy, double banded iron and wood door swings open into cell #13. Out from a darken corner – “Who’s there? Is that a visitor?”, croaks a voice whithered from neglect.

“Many Halloweens have come and gone since I’ve last had a visitor.” wheezed the wretch nested upon an old pile of straw.

“Come in! Come in! I won’t bite!”, he chuckled through a toothless smile. “In fact it’ll be worth your while! See Just over there by the corner, that stone that’s a little darker – no, no, not that one, that one over, Yes! That’s the one!

Behind it you’ll find a small reward for coming down here where so few do!”

“Go Ahead have some fun with it then put it back behind the loose stone before you go. It’ll be there if you decide to come back but I may not!”


Congratulations! you’ve just stumbled onto a bonus for your deep exploraton of our Haunted Halloween Website! So Enjoy a few rounds of this cool Scarecrow Halloween Game Called A M.UR.D.ER OF CR.OW.S!

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