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Would You Be Interested In
Picking Up Roughly One Third Of Our
Home Halloween Haunt?

At the close of the 2010 Halloween haunting season, for a number of different reasons, I found my self tired! Sore too of course! But mostly just tired.

Screaming Scarecrow Halloween props and decorations giveaway, Tombstone props for our Halloween cemetery

Sure there the usual bone tired that most home haunters know. Born of the long hours of prop building and then the even longer hours of the frenzied hard work to set up those props and decorations – all just in time for Halloween.

But somehow, this weariness had settled itself deeper into my bones then normal, as I was staring into the face of another chilly November haunt teardown alone.

Then it hit me, I needed to scale back what I do! Next year would be different! Next year I would take a well deserved break!

Halloween props and decorating by Screaming Scarecrow Haunted House mansrad roof, spooky skulls decorations along roof line

But then it also occurred to me that “Yah, You say that now but when next Halloween season rolls around and the Haunting bug puts that bite on yer a$$ and there’s all those props lying around whispering – you know you are just going to go ahead and set them all up again!”

So with one part excitement at the prospect of taking a sabbatical and then starting in a new dark decorating direction and two parts the nervous shakes of a junkie who is flushing his stash down the bowl, I called up a pro Halloween haunt North West of us and asked, “Would you be interested in picking up roughly one third of our home Halloween haunt? .

Halloween prop coffin door entrance to Home haunt made by screaming scarecrow with bone handle and spooky old coach lanterns perfect for Halloween decorating

Those fine folks took a look at our props in our Past Hauntings category and showed up the day after next with a full size pickup truck and a trailer! And Then we started loading…

It was like a fire-sale on Halloween props and haunt décor, almost ever thing must go!

Here is Some of the Stuff We Gave Away!

  • The Façade for our Haunted House, Including the Mansard roof
  • The Coffin door entrance used for Haunted House and UberGrim
  • Our walk thu coffin entrance
  • The coffin door prop that came from that coffin entrance
  • Our Giant skull head, UberGrims head!
  • Our haunted Cemetery fences and creepy columns
  • Every tombstone prop and homemade tombstone Halloween decoration (except one)
  • Our Body Toss Game (man that was a classic!)
  • The haunted organ prop
  • A 5 foot paper mache and card board box toe pincher coffin prop
  • Some creepy old trunks that we had collected, great for Halloween decorating
  • A big box full of spooky haunted picture props that we had made over the last couple of years
  • a couple of Hesheits, little pygmy style little creature props that we`d whipped up in 2006 and a 3 foot tall witch character prop
  • A monster mud panel that had an alcove in it and a little black coffin that lit up
  • Our 7 foot tall monster mud prop who we called Franky and then Earl (he was my 1st Halloween Prop!)
  • The latest Halloween cocktail bar we made – The Zombie Lounge!
  • And lastly if you can believe it – Our old authentic looking toe pincher Halloween coffin prop (I know I can`t believe it either!)

Pro Halloween Haunt picking up Screaming Scarecrow's home haunt props, toe pincher coffins, tombstone props, haunted house facades, giant skulls and cemtery fences and columns all for Halloween decorating and home haunting

It was exhilarating and kinda saddening at the same time – like when your babies grow and leave the haunted castle!

So long my Halloween props, I know you’ll enjoy your new home at Six Pines Halloween Haunt!

Thanks for the all the Halloween decorating memories and good times!!

Creepy Zombie Free Halloween Image, free haunted halloween artwork Zombie Head, Halloween images for freeThanks for Looking and Happy Haunting!
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

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