The 2009 Prop List ShortFall, Idea #3



The 2009 Prop List ShortFall, Idea #3
The Interactive WereWolf Scene

Another prop idea that had to be trimmed off our list in Halloween 2009 was that we wanted our werewolf prop in our home haunt to be able to turn his head from side to side and speak interactively with the TOTs

We were going to have a scare actor behind the wall where he would be able to see and hear the Tricker-o-Treaters on Halloween night. From this secret hiding spot he would talk to and respond to comments through a plastic tube that would run from the wolf man’s mask back to the actor.

One of the neat things about using this haunting idea is that the pipe changes a person‘s voice and the haunter can play with many different scary voices!

Movement was to be simple puppetry with sticks in the arms coming out thru the elbows to where the actor could control them.

The setup was to revolve around the fact the werewolf was going to missing an eye and he would ask the kids if they had seen his missing eye. Of course it would be in the mouth of a Raven on the bookshelf

The whole scene was meant to be a whimsical Homage to Edgar Allan Poe‘s, “The Raven“

werewolf who is an Edgar Allen Poe book fan sitting in our Halloween Home Haunt. Demon Fire in the fireplace and a good scary book

For This Idea;

If you like this haunt idea and are able to do it – please send us pictures of how it looked! We’ll post them here on the site. If you have already made a prop display like this in the past and you like to share, send us those Halloween pictures to and we’ll also post those!

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Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.

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