The 2009 Prop List ShortFall, Idea #2



The 2009 Prop List ShortFall, Idea #2
Moving Arms & Grasping Hands For UberGrim

Continuing to fill out the list of prop ideas that got axed from our 2009 Halloween season is the idea that we wanted to give UberGrim movable arms complete with giant skeleton hands that could grasp at the TOTS!

Initially when we first envisioned a giant grim reaper prop as our Halloween Home Haunt entrance we daydreamed about how cool it would be if this monster had movable arms!

Giant Grim Reaper Prop, Halloween Haunt Entrance, 16 foot tall Grim Reaper Prop, Huge Halloween Reaper Prop, screaming scarecrow Uber Grim

Arms that could be moved up and down & from side to side. And of course, ultimately, it would also be unbelievably cool to have giant skeleton hands with articulating fingers that could at least mimic grasping!

The end effect would be walking towards a giant reaper between moving arms with opening and closing hands. Imagine the frightening perspective of a 3 to 4 foot tall Tot considering that UberGrim was over 15 foot tall!

However, as cool & over the top all that would have been, we knew that pulling off that Trick for the our guest’s treat would have been beyond our timeline, budget and reasonably safety margin. Maybe one day if we win a lottery we’ll tackle this idea!

For This Idea;

Like we’ve said before, “Nothing is really new – it has all been done before …” but we do believe this is an original haunting idea so if you go ahead and tackle this one please let us know how it turns out and send us pictures, we’ll post them here on the site. As always, be sure that you put safety considerations first! Pls read our beware page.

On the other hand if you have already done something like this, same thing, please let us know how it went, send us pictures and we’ll posted them here. Thanks for sharing.

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Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.

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