The Walking Dead: Season One



A Zombie Story
You Don‘t Want To End!

Amc The Walking Dead Tv show review. Great Ideas and inspiration for scary Zombie face paint costumes. Halloween haunted houses and home haunts can see what real authentic Zombie makeup should like

Here at Screaming Scarecrow’s little haunted corner of the web some of us have been afflicted with a tragic, festering disorder called Zombie Film Fanitist.

Suffers of this horrific modern day plague can’t seem to stem their watching of Zombie movies – always searching for the ultimate brain biting, flesh munching, dead walking mayhem!

Over the years we have rented and purchased and then watched dozen‘s and dozen‘s of Zombie Flicks. Some have been really scary and clever while some of the others have been real over-the-top brainless stinkers. And then of course there was all manner of maggot infested rot in between!

Finally a Zombie Movie with more brains than even a zombie horde could ask for.

On Halloween, in our home haunt we don’t decorate too much with gory matter splatter because we prefer the classic creepy horrors. Weirdly, however we have a soft rotting spot for zombies and their gore fest shows.

Review the Best zombie tv series Amc The Walking Dead. Great makeup and costumes ideas and even zombie school for Halloween haunting

In The Walking Dead we have found a zombie story that is fiercely driven by the human drama of surviving in a post zombie apocalyptic world.

And let us tell you that desperate people are often far more dangerous, frightening and evil than the hungry shambling dead.

The zombie makeup and effects in this TV series are as top notched as the amazing acting is.

It really comes through that the mentality when producing this show was to shoot and produce it like an bona fide horror movie not just another television show.

Some fans have even called the finished show, “a near perfect adaptation” of The Walking Dead Graphic Books which have come from the mind of New York Times bestselling author Robert Kirkman.

We watched all six searing episodes and the only disappointment was that when it was over… we had no more to watch. Thankfully for us zombie horror film fans, season two is expected out this autumn.

In closing, for our review, we did not want to give away any spoilers but we definitely wanted to impress upon horror and Halloween fans that we can not overstate how much we really, Really, REALLY enjoyed and recommend this Zombie show where the living are actually the real walking dead!

Creepy Zombie head Halloween images for haunting your home hauntsThanks for Reading
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this story in either of its mediums!
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

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