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Headshots and Meat Munching
Romero Zombie Action!

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If you are a fan of George A. Romero’s horror movies and the whole Zombie genre in general then you‘ll probably want to at least rent this movie and possible even own it.

Romero is like an institution in the zombie film industry, so anyone who considers themselves to be a zombie movie fan should watch any thing Romero – just out of respect to the master this type of horror shows.

Besides, even a poor Romero zombie movie is often better than a lot of the gut munching, brain biting, rotting slop lurching around out there.

As usual there is plenty of great zombie bite and then head shot action to please the matter splatter folks. But also in true G. A. Romero style he has layered the film with lots of social commentary and once again it is not always the walking dead that gets you but often the living survivors that are the most dangerous!

Personally, we would give this zombie romp 2.5 rotten fingers out a fist full of five. However, we think that as zombie fans watch it more than once there is a chance they may actually begin to appreciate its complexity and subtle humour more.

If nothing else there are plenty of great ideas and inspiration for Halloween zombie costumes and undead makeup tips.

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