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Spiral Skull Poster

Scary skull Halloween artwork good for gothic decorating of the home or Haunting decoration come Halloween night in a home haunt

Skulls have long been a part of Halloween or gothic decorating. Sometimes they are props piled on top old books, while other times they may be popping out of the ground in a haunted cemetery.

Either way, the most common use of skull props are 3D. Well don‘t under estimate the beauty and power of just using a wicked poster image of a scary skull.

These haunted posters can really amp up the creep factor of your haunt.

Or get it professionally framed and hang it on the wall of any horror movie fans haunted house.

We think that the tattoo styled red flamed design etched into this skull is what make this poster stand out from many of the other that we have looked at.

Scary skull prop for Halloween inspiration, Creepy Zombie head Halloween images for haunting home hauntThanks for Looking
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

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