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The Blood of Angels
Mixes up a Potent Elixir
of Gothic Talents!

Gothic music MP3 Downloads The Blood of Angels album  by Nox Arcana and Michelle Belanger both are great goth musicians Halloween mood Music and Gothic lifestyle listening for home haunts at Halloween time

Album Artwork Copyright Nox Arcana and Monolith Graphics

Are you thirsty for something rich and crimson? Then take a Taste of these samples from the goth album The Blood of Angels by Gothic Greats; Nox Arcana and Michelle Belanger. And while you’re there, also read the fan reviews.

Combine the silken soprano vocals of Michelle Belanger with Nox Arcana’s hauntingly brooding orchestrations and you get The Blood of Angels!

An Intoxicating cocktail of pure wicked alchemy and gothic bliss – a story told of celestial beings abandoning Heaven for the forbidden desires of mortal love.

With its rich layers, this collection of gothic music is sure to entice and hold children of the night in its rapt absinthe like embrace!

The timeless tracks you’ll find on this beautiful collaboration of gothic music, The Blood of Angels by Nox Arcana & Michelle Belanger are:
9 Tracks, 41 Minutes

  • Ligeia’s Lament – 3:32
  • Children of Heaven – 5:26
  • Bitter Ashes – 3:48
  • Ella Sheena – 4:46
  • Angels Are Weeping – 6:07
  • Widow’s Walk – 3:10
  • Forlorn – 4:08
  • Blood of Angels – 3:48
  • Children of Heaven (Club Mix) – 5:42

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