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After writing about a vintage Halloween Salt and Pepper set that we’d bought at a second store, (Halloween home haunters are always shopping at thrift stores!) we found a bunch of really cool shakers online and here are the ones we’d like to pick up for our own table decorating.

Halloween Salt and Pepper Sets We Liked

Halloween tableware decorations salt and pepper shakers, witch shoes unique Holiday salt and pepper Collectible shaker.

The thing we really like about this set was the colours and details.

Little purple Wicked Witch Boot Salt Pepper Shakers. They even come with a little pumpkin tray to put the Salt and Pepper Shakers into!

kissing vampires collectible table decorations, Halloween Ceramic salt & pepper set,

These hand painted ceramic shakers are adorable. At 4 inches tall and with a special magnetic lips so these vampires stay kissing – who could resist!

nightmare before christmas salt and pepper shaker set, Collectible Jack Skellington table d├ęcor idea

Anything to do with The Nightmare Before Christmas is cool and this Jack Skellington Shaker set is no exception to this haunted rule

Scary salt and pepper shakers. Decorate your Halloween table with Grim Reaper shakers this home haunting season.

Dark Decorations for your table, here is a Grim Reaper set that will chill any guest at your table this coming Halloween

So this Halloween make sure your decorating is worth its salt when you sprinkle the fun over your frightening food festivities with a set of cool Halloween salt & Pepper shakers!

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