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Grimm Tales Is A Must
For The Serious Vintage Horror Fan.

Scary Stories by the brothers Grimm, Nox Arcana’s Grimm Tales is Halloween mood music and Gothic album greatness. Downloads MP3 for spooky Halloween home haunts and haunted houses

Album Artwork Copyright Nox Arcana and Monolith Graphics

Are you a vintage horror fan? Then you’ll probably love to hear the samples of the Grimm Tales from Nox Arcana. You can also take the time to read the reviews that this gothic horror album has inspired.

Goblins, elves and other dark spirits all cavorting in the sinister shadows, deep in the forest, under the spell of an evil Witch Queen.

That is where the bewitching melodies of this, the 9th offering from Nox Arcana, takes the listener. A wonderfully enchanted but spooky land full of dark fairy tales and classic childhood nightmares. Horror at its roots

Whether you just want to enjoy these scary stories in a new medium or you looking for some great gothic atmosphere music or maybe some haunted horror arrangements for your Halloween Home Haunt – you can‘t go wrong with tracks like “Shadow Forest“ just to name an example.

The Scary Tales that you will find on Grimm Tales by Nox Arcana shall be listed below:
21 Tracks, 66 Minutes

  • Fable – 2:04
  • Twilight – 2:56
  • Once Upon a Nightmare – 3:58
  • Shadow Forest – 3:49
  • Eyes in the Dark – 2:58
  • The Hollow – 1:11
  • Sylvan Spirits – 2:45
  • Wicked Heart – 2:50
  • Conjuration – 1:49
  • Night Wraiths – 2:31
  • Deep in the Woods – 2:21
  • The Forgotten Path – 5:05
  • Fairy Tale – 2:09
  • Crone’s Caverns – 2:43
  • Rise to Destiny – 3:16
  • Labyrinth of Dreams – 2:53
  • Castle of Nightmares – 4:01
  • Hall of the Witch Queen – 3:21
  • Ave Sinistra – 4:27
  • Black Spires – 2:53
  • Darkly Everafter – 5:28

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There are a number a tracks here that would be perfect for Halloween atmosphere.
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

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