Gothic Music For Halloween!



Gothic Music For Halloween!

House of Nightmares album by Nox Arcana Goth musicians Halloween Music Gothic MP3 Downloads

Album Artwork Copyright Nox Arcana and Monolith Graphics

Here hear for some samples of Nox Arcana‘s House of Nightmares Album and view some fan reviews of their gothic music.

Another masterful collection of Gothic music truly suited to horror atmospheres and Halloween haunting. Tracks that paint creepy soundscapes that pay sinisterly spooky homage to the night.

You hear more haunted intonations such as

“Awaken ye hordes of shadows and darkness… Awaken from thy dephtless slumber… Heed the ancient summoning… Harkin to my call“

This scary Gothic horror album takes the listener to a dark haunted house near an old abandoned creepy cemetery. What better music to celebrate the fears & nightmares of Halloween Haunting!

House of Nightmares by Nox Acrcana is another macabre CD that we think Gothic home decorators, horror fans and Halloween haunt aficionados will want to own.

On Nox Arcana’s House of Nightmares album are the following tracks;
19 Tracks. 45 Minutes.

  • House Of Nightmares – 2:44
  • Night Closes In – 3:08
  • Book Of The Dead – 1:12
  • Darkness Rising – 1:29
  • Dead Time – 3:10
  • The Ruins – 2:23
  • The Forgotten Crypt – 1:46
  • Well Of Souls – 2:57
  • The Descent – 1:48
  • The Summoning – 1:49
  • Ancient Evil – 2:49
  • The Black Abyss – 1:22
  • Shadow Dwellers – 3:36
  • Bridge Between Worlds – 2:44
  • On The Prowl – 2:41
  • Devil’s Night – 2:50
  • The Nether Realm – 1:23
  • Hallow’s Eve – 2:12
  • Unleashed – 2:29

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