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“Long before mankind existed, the Old Ones trod upon the Earth”

Haunted Halloween Music Necronomicon album or CD by the Goth musicians That also released Darklore Manor Nox Arcana Gothic Music MP3 downloads a scary soundtrack to up the creepy factor of any Home Haunt

Album Artwork Copyright Nox Arcana and Monolith Graphics

Once again we invite you to go where apparitions roam. Have a listen to these Nox Arcana‘s sample tracks of their Necronomicon release. Read reviews of this gothic music from horror & goth fans.

The second Nox Arcana’s album, Necronomicon, wraps the listener in a musical representation of the Lovecraftian tome, the ancient Necronomicon.

As a masterful tribute to H.P. Lovecraft and his stories of horror, it is full of dark incantations and brooding narrations set against a background of breathtaking and haunting music.

Let your senses be carried away to a time when god like horrors roamed the earth and mortal men lived in darkness as only the hypnotic symphony from these minstrels of the macabre could.

So if you‘re in the musical mood for haunting otherworldly dark melodies this is the horror fantasy album for you.

What You Find On Nox Arcana’s Necronomicon CD album;
21 Tracks. 50 Minutes.

  • Mythos – 1:57
  • The Nameless City – 3:38
  • Alhazred’s Vission – 2:55
  • Necronomicon – 2:03
  • Ancient Shadows – 2:28
  • Azathoth – 0:28
  • The Black Throne – 2:00
  • Nyarlathotep- 0:39
  • Temple of the Black Pharaoh – 3:49
  • Eldritch Rites – 1:32
  • The Haunter of the Dark – 2:37
  • The Awakening – 2:58
  • Yog-Sothoth – 0:59
  • Guardian or the Gate – 3:25
  • Lords of Darkness – 2:08
  • Dagon – 0:35
  • The Stars Align – 1:56
  • Cthulhu – 0:55
  • Ritual of Summoning – 1:21
  • Cthulhu Rising – 2:38
  • The Great Old Ones – 8:54

Best gothic horror music for Halloween parties, Nox ArcanaHappy Haunted Music Listening!
Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.

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