Dead Men Tell No Tales



Ancient Haunted Treasure
Ghostly Ships Sailing
Through The Mists.

Halloween Home Haunt music by Nox Arcana perfect for Pirate themed haunts. Frightening, chilling and scary sounds make this gothic album a great choice for haunting Halloween music. Gothic MP3 Downloads

Album Artwork Copyright Nox Arcana and Monolith Graphics

If you love Skeleton pirates, fearsome phantoms and the adventures of the high seas this is the soundtrack for your Halloween Haunt – Check out these samples from Nox Arcana‘s Phantoms of the High Seas.

This haunting High Seas Adventure themed CD has inspired many customer reviews which you can look over. Some from music fans others from gothic horror music lovers and still yet others looking for great Halloween haunt music!

Over the years we have noticed a rise in the popularity of the Pirated themed professional and home haunt. If you or somebody you know is already running or is thinking of setting one up then we think this is the soundscape album to choose.

The dark & misty orchestrations & melodies coupled with chilling pirate anthems and ghostly gothic choirs are tailor woven for just such a haunt experience!

Pieces of Musical Treasure to be found aboard Phantoms of the High Seas by Nox Arcana are:
21 Tracks, 68 Minutes

  • Dead Men Tell No Tales – 2:26
  • The High Seas – 2:56
  • Edge of the World – 4:21
  • Pirates – 5:10
  • The Gallows Jig – 1:50
  • Crossfire – 3:01
  • Oblivion – 3:00
  • Racing the Wind – 4:15
  • Siren’s Call – 2:33
  • Trove Island – 3:23
  • Against the Storm – 3:22
  • Lords of the Deep – 2:27
  • Maelstrom – 1:22
  • Out of the Mist – 3:02
  • Still Waters – 2:22
  • Black Sails – 3:01
  • Fate of the Tempest – 4:10
  • The Fog Rolls In – 1:32
  • Widow’s Harbor – 2:56
  • Ghost Ship – 2:48
  • Skull and Crossbones – 7:05

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