Darklore Manor Is Halloween Mood Music



The Haunted Audio Tale of Darklore Manor Will Make Your Blood Run Cold!

Goth musicians give us The DarlLore Manor CD and MP3 Downloads by Nox Arcana Premium Gothic Music with which to haunt Halloween and other vampire occasions

Album Artwork Copyright Nox Arcana and Monolith Graphics

Take a moment to hear and experience Nox Arcana‘s teaser tracks from their Darklore Manor CD. Also you can review what gothic horror music fans are saying about this album.

Darklore Manor by Nox Arcana is the first offering from these talented gothic musicians and we believe it will ultimately become one of the premium horror soundscapes for horror and Halloween fans everywhere.

Nox Arcana has the ability to create something very special when it comes to Gothic Halloween music. Their arrangements are powerfully chilling and are sure to raise goose bumps on the arms of all trick-or-treaters. They may not even enter your haunted house!

Full of creepy disembodied voice-overs, spine tingling overtures and macabre melodies, this gothic spectrum weaves the legendary tale of a haunted house near Salem Mass. into a grand tapestry of horror music and atmosphere.

So take up the invite of the dark apparition at the front iron gate, step past the goth gargoyles and enter into a world of dark ambience music that can only be Nox Arcana.

Titles On The Nox Arcana’s Darklore Manor album;
21 Tracks. 51 Minutes.

  • Legend – 1:49
  • Darklore Manor – 2:27
  • Threshold of the Dead – 1:18
  • Trespassers – 2:52
  • Veil of Darkness – 1:55
  • Sanctuary of Shadows – 3:12
  • The Grande Hall – 1:55
  • Remnants- 2:06
  • Phantom Procession – 1:46
  • Belladonna – 2:41
  • Nursery Rhyme – 0:40
  • Music Box – 2:09
  • The Forgotten – 2:44
  • Nightmare – 1:56
  • No Rest for the Wicked – 3:12
  • Omen – 0:43
  • Seance – 2:56
  • Beyond Midnight – 3:04
  • Darkness Immortal – 3:39
  • Incantation – 1:55
  • Resurrected – 7:12

Haunted music by Nox Arcana, some of the best gothic Halloween music avaliableHope you become a fan!
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

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