Breaking The Threshold Of Madness



A Forsaken Asylum
With Tormented Souls
Haunting The Shadows.

MP3 Downloads, Blackthorn Asylum by Nox Arcana, goth musicians, is a scary spine tingling gothic horror music album that will chill and scare Halloween home haunters and gothic horror fans

Album Artwork Copyright Nox Arcana and Monolith Graphics

If you dare to tempt madness and horror then listen to these chilling samples from Nox Arcana‘s Blackthorn Asylum gothic horror CD. See what other fans of this decent into darkness have to say in their customer reviews – are you ready to go beyond terror?

Once again the macabre mistrals, Nox Arcana, have created a dark and nightmarish soundscape that is truly frightening!

They have captured and bottled the essence of the evil that echoed through the halls of this haunted black asylum for the criminally insane.

Horrible experiments only whispered about has set the souls of violent, deranged and tormented psychopaths to forever more wander the passages of this sinister sanitarium.

We really liked everything that we did hear from this masterful horror album. We think this is one of their scarier efforts and if you are doing the mad doctor or insane asylum Halloween haunt, then the sounds and music on Blackthorn Asylum should fit right into any haunting ideas you can scare up!

This Decent Into Dark Madness Inside Blackthorn Asylum by Nox Arcana will take the listener through:
21 Tracks, 64 Minutes

  • Legacy of Darkness – 2:09
  • Blackthorn Asylum – 3:12
  • Sanitarium Gates – 3:06
  • Abandoned – 2:54
  • Threshold of Madness – 3:41
  • Tapestry of Decay – 3:06
  • Hidden Horrors – 2:32
  • When Darkness Falls – 3:24
  • Shock Treatment – 0:55
  • Fractured Memories – 2:27
  • Phantasmagoria – 3:27
  • Creeper – 2:12
  • Sanity Slipping – 3:03
  • Dementia 13 – 3:23
  • Solitary Confinement – 3:24
  • Frenzy – 2:45
  • The Condemned – 3:05
  • Spiders in the Attic – 4:24
  • From Beyond – 0:47
  • Essence of Evil – 2:55
  • Fade to Black – 6:12

Nox Arcana Haunted Halloween music for gothic horror fans Creepy Zombie Free Halloween Image, Zombie Head, Halloween images for freeThanks for checking out
this creepy collection of tunes.
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

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