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Blood Of The Dragon Medieval Gothic music album and MP3 Downloads by Nox Arcana atomspheric mood music for Halloween home haunting and horror party listening

Album Artwork Copyright Nox Arcana and Monolith Graphics

Once again Nox Arcana delivers a spellbinding gothic music album. Listen to these teaser tracks from Blood Of The Dragon. Also be sure to read what other macabre music fan reviews are for this epic fantasy album from the Dark Lords of horror music.

Let your senses be entrancingly carried away to an ancient time when dragons ruled the skies and man lived and died by the edge of their gleaming swords.

Whether or not you are brave enough to answer the call to glory against the dark hordes, you will still find yourself drawn into the melee of steel and sorcery by the powerful medieval melodies, war horns, heart pounding heavy drums and haunting chanting choirs.

Even though the music on this CD is decidedly medieval / “Lord of the Rings“, gothic horror music fans and Halloween home haunters should find that they not enjoy the soundscapes painted by Blood of The Dragon, but that they could also find countless applications for them in their haunts and mood setting adventures and quests.

Audio Quests that listeners can enjoy on Blood of The Dragon by Nox Arcana are as follows:
21 Tracks, 68 Minutes

  • Ancient Legacy – 1:34
  • The Quest Begins – 3:29
  • Citadel of Secrets – 3:05
  • Sorcerer – 2:38
  • Treasure of the Four Crowns – 3:11
  • Highland Storm – 3:52
  • Mist Loch – 2:57
  • Underworld – 3:32
  • The Mystic’s Keep – 4:02
  • Stygian Depths – 1:15
  • Legions of Darkness – 2:46
  • Steeds of Thunder – 3:28
  • Rogue’s Hollow – 1:15
  • Warrior’s Dawn – 4:13
  • The Siege – 3:51
  • Dragon Riders – 3:08
  • Flame Tongue – 0:57
  • Defenders of the Realm – 4:28
  • Chamber of the Immortals – 1:39
  • Blood of the Dragons – 3:11
  • Eternal Champions – 7:33
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