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Halloween Zombie Masks

When we decorate for our Halloween parties or build creature props for our home haunt Zombies are usually on of our favourite monsters!

For us, building a Creature of the Night prop for Halloween almost always starts with a premium latex Halloween mask. One with great detail, usually full creepy eyes and of course a neck.

The neck portion of the latex mask is very important to us because we find it gives our Halloween haunt creatures more realism and we are usually willing to pay more for these detailed zombie masks.

Oh yeah as you can tell we are partial to the dead and rotting corpse zombies over the just bitten and turned into a brains munching blood splattered zombie. So the Halloween masks we picked represent this group of zombies.

Here Are 13 Scary Zombie / Corpse Halloween Masks That We Like

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Zombie resurrection Halloween mask for home haunt fun

You can have a look at the Halloween Zombie Masks that we reviewed to get this top 13 masks that we’d build zombie props from for our Halloween home haunt.

Creepy Zombie Free Halloween Image, free haunted halloween artwork Zombie Head, Halloween images for freeThanks for visiting and checking these cool zombie masks out!
Happy Halloween Haunting!
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

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