Another Gothic Music Opus



A Spellbinding Soundscape
of Haunting Melodies
From the Masters of Gothic
Theme Music!

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Album Artwork Copyright Nox Arcana and Monolith Graphics

Listen to these teaser samples from the Winter‘s Eve atmosphere soundscape album. Also read the fan reviews of this spellbinding collection of gothic music.

The sounds on this CD really are tranquil and wondrous! We enjoyed every bit that we listened to and it is a fitting follow-up collection to their more medivally gothic, “Winter’s Knight”.

Although not quite as gothic, the melodies on this album are simply mesmerizing and we believe worth listening to and owning.

We would rate it low on the Halloween home haunt soundtrack scale but we would definitely give it high marks for overall enjoyability and repeat listening factor.

All the gothic music fans who took the time to review this magical musical journey gave it 5 out of 5 stars – and we would agree with that rating.

The walk as the slumbering dead through this haunting opus, Winter‘s Eve will contain:

21 Tracks, 67 Minutes

  • The Messenger – 1:16
  • Frozen Memories – 2:43
  • The Rose of Winter – 3:24
  • Enchanted Realm – 2:22
  • The Ides of December – 2:34
  • Gifts of the Magi – 4:20
  • Season of Wonder – 2:59
  • Solstice Dance – 2:42
  • The White Queen – 2:51
  • Winter’s Eve – 4:18
  • Starlight Serenade – 3:26
  • Greensleeves – 4:07
  • The Longest Night – 4:01
  • Pax Terra – 2:58
  • Winds of Change – 3:36
  • Fading Embers – 2:06
  • Crystal Chimes – 2;07
  • Serenity – 2:40
  • Winter Rhapsody – 3:27
  • Times Slips Away – 5:33

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