A Spooky Theatre of Illusion



In A Haunted Vaudeville Theater
Phantom Magicians
Perform an Act of Nightmares!

Horror music by Nox Arcana Theater of Illusions MP3 Downloads Halloween sounds

Album Artwork Copyright Nox Arcana and Monolith Graphics

Abracadabra, listen to hear the sinister Smoke and Mirrors of these sample acts from the Theater of Illusions horror theme album. Check out fan reviews of this soundscape of haunting melodies while you‘re there.

What we heard from this themed CD really brought us into the dream of a hypnotic and enchanting haunted theater. Full of dark stage acts using mystical symbolism, ancient talismans and sinister masks.

Great listening for any Gothic music or Halloween fan. The Haunting music of this album could be well used for an evil magicians act type of Halloween haunt display or just enjoy it over and over again!

When the creepy curtains of this haunted dark magic show are drawn back, the Theatre of Illusion will reveal the following spooky acts:

21 Tracks, 67 Minutes

  • Abracadabra – 1:39
  • Cobwebs – 2:39
  • Nostalgia – 4:17
  • Edge of Darkness – 3:08
  • Phantom Theater – 3:02
  • Hypnos – 1:05
  • The Curtain Rises – 0:55
  • The Crimson Hourglass – 2:56
  • Sinister Cabaret – 2:55
  • Necromancer – 3:45
  • The Mask of Arcana – 3:40
  • Shadowplay – 3:53
  • Voodoo – 3:51
  • Mysterium – 3:51
  • The swords of Kali – 3:00
  • Smoke and Mirrors – 3:18
  • The Prestige – 2:50
  • Black Fire- 3:03
  • Dark Destiny – 3:15
  • Lord of Illusions – 6:50

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