A Little Zombie Influx For Halloween?



The Dead Are Rising
In Search For Living Human Brains!

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Album Artwork Copyright Nox Arcana and Monolith Graphics and/or Buzz Works

If you are looking for the panic and the horror of a zombie invasion then check out these sample sound tracks from the Zombie Influx horror sounds album. Click to read customer reviews from other zombie fans.

Definitely a dark and creepy sound effects and sinister sounds album. A frightening tribute to Romero and all things related to the hungry walking dead. A horror CD that is geared for Halloween haunting or any other zombie walk type of event.

Reviews range from calling Zombie Influx, “Perfect CD for your haunted house” to “Loaded with eerie sound effects… impressive zombie invasion-themed album.” and of course many more excellent reviews of the music such as the likes of, “a fresh compelling auditory “look” at the horror of a zombie infestation”. Just cite a few highlights.“

Ourselves being huge zombie horror fans, not just during the Halloween season but all year long, we really enjoyed everything that we have heard off this horror album.

We completely agree with the general consensus that the amount of eerie and scary sounds and effects on this Zombie tribute album could easily stand as a home haunt or haunted house sound track on Halloween night!

This invasion of the walking dead, aptly named Zombie Influx will contain:
19 Tracks, 45 Minutes

  • Ground Zero – 3:15
  • Satellite Radiation – 2:26
  • Defcon Six – 1:42
  • Creeping Death – 2:23
  • Echoes of the Living – 2:19
  • Doomsday – 2:26
  • The Feeding – 1:58
  • Warning Signs – 0:44
  • The Dawn – 3:32
  • Dead Run – 2:11
  • Post Mortem – 2:28
  • The Panic Spreads – 0:33
  • Transmutation – 2:32
  • The Pain of Dying – 2:38
  • Armageddon – 2:53
  • Dead Life – 2:26
  • Flesh Eaters – 3:04
  • Ravenous – 2:50
  • Zombie Influx – 2:48

Buzz Works and Nox Arcana Halloween music and sound effects for home haunts and haunted horror housesThanks for Dropping by.
Stay Scary!
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

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