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Haunted Halloween Coffin

There’s nothing scary about fellow Halloween fans sharing their prop building projects with us, especially when they‘ve been inspired by one of our own Halloween decorations

toe pincher Halloween coffin by Allie, great Halloween decoration for home haunt

Well kicking off the first post, in our new haunting series where we take a look at what other home haunters are up to in the greater pumpkin patch that is the online Halloween community, is Allie’s “Toe Pincher Coffin Prop”

She took the idea of our Card Board Coffin Halloween decoration and not only executed it well, she took the prop and made it her own in a haunting good way!

The addition of the scary skeleton prop breaking out of the coffin turned out great and her coffin will look spooky wherever it ends up haunting, be it the back of their hearse or decorating a Halloween graveyard scene!

Here‘s what she had to say…

My husband bought a Hearst this year and deck it out by painting it black, tinting the windows, and letter graphed the words, “LAST DESTINATION” on the windshield.

It looked great. So, I was looking into buying a coffin to place in the back of the hearse, when I stumbled across “”. Your site was the only one that came up as “cardboard coffin”. So as I looked over your description (about 100 times)on how to make your own for under $20.

I thought that I would give it a try. I’m glad I did!

I found a big box on the side of the road, I cut all the angles by modifying the measurements from yours, bought the lights at the Dollar store, lined the aluminums foil and tape everything in place.

scary Skeleton prop bursting through a toe pincher Halloween coffin Halloween home haunting.

The only problem I had was that I wanted something scary for the hearse. So, I went back on WWW and looking up scary coffins. The one I chose was the old style wood coffin with loose boards.

Now that I had the idea, I started working on the top of my coffin. I cut the CB into section, put a hole in the middle, and taped it all back together leaving room for the lights to shine through.

I loved the paper towel and glue. Worked great. Went to Party City and bought the half skeleton with lights and sound ($20.00)and finish all up with adhesive caulking glue, and Whalla! My scary coffin was created.

It took me four days to make and one back ache that lasted a week. My husband was shocked and told me from now on that I can do all the Halloween designs!

Well Allie – We definitely think that your husband is correct! You should keep on designing all your Halloween decorations and props! Thanks for sharing this Home Haunting project with us! We are looking forward to anything else you want to throw our way!

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If you‘ve got Halloween projects you‘d like to share with us send them to screaming

Screaming Scarecrow Halloween pictures and haunted Images: Spooky Tree, Haunted Artwork for Halloween home hauntsThanks Dear reader for dropping by
And once again, many thanks to Allie for sharing!
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

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2 Responses to “Allie’s Card Board Box Coffin”

  1. alida Lay says:

    Wow! Thanks SS, I didn’t expect that. My husband was shock to see the CB coffin on a website…I showed everyone! Ok, well when the time comes I’m be sure to send pics of the yard… Allie from Florida

  2. Screaming Scarecrow says:

    Hey Allie! I hope you guys were shocked in a good way!!!
    Can’t wait to see more of your home haunting stuff!

    Have yourselves a Sinister Season!


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