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A Sharp Home Haunting Tip idea for your Halloween decorating. How to use last season’s left over spider web prop and a cheap LED light to create a simple yet cool haunted effect. Magical Mist for your Witch or Fortune Telling haunt displays.

Haunting tips for the Halloween home haunter, Witches cauldron props and a crystal ball prop

When one of your spooky Halloween creations calls for a mystical crystal ball or a bubbling cauldron of witches brew and it is not feasible to use a fog machine to give the project that little extra haunted touch.

A very simple and effective decorating idea is to take old left over spider webbing and pull it apart and then ball it up.

How to haunt your witch cauldron with colourful mist when Halloween decorating your Home Haunt

Next, place a randomly fading LED light under the ball of white spider webs. When the lights fade from red to blue to green the nylon spider web prop naturally distributes the Halloween lighting across the fibre.

So next time that you have a Halloween scene that needs coloured haunted fog without the muse and fuse of a fog machine try this decorating tip.

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