Sharp Tip Number 016



A Sharp Haunting Tip decorating idea on how to use a black light, a white sheet and a black lace cobweb table cloth to make an interesting decoration on the ceiling in any room.

This haunting tip could be used for Halloween parties or home haunts.

It is too bad that this picture doesn‘t do this decorating idea justice. It turned out very cool and it is super simple to do.

1st we blacked out all our ceiling with black plastic. Then we pinned up a white table cloth flat to the ceiling. Then over this we pinned up a black lace spiders and cobwebs design party table cloth over the white.

Lastly we turned on the black light and the white popped through the black lace awesomely! And since this was on the ceiling over our Halloween party‘s dance floor we just had to turn on the tunes and dance the night away!

Halloween party ceiling decoration idea

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