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A Sharp Haunting Tip idea on how to make a quick and easy prisoner prop for your Halloween haunt‘s next dungeon or torture chamber setup.

If you‘re are setting up a creepy chamber of torture this Halloween or if you‘ve got a dark dungeon display in mind, you may find yourself with an area on a wall that doesn‘t seem to have enough decorating props on it.

We found ourselves with that exact challenge and we had party guests arriving in a few short hours. And there it was, a bare spot above the toilet in the bathroom that we had decorated into our haunted dungeon of pain.

But with some quick haunter thinking we took a wooden picture frame, turned it backwards, covered it with spooky black landscaping fabric, cut some “bars” into it and then hung it on the wall above the toilet with a creepy Texas Chainsaw Massacre Halloween mask behind it – and lickety split – we had ourselves a scary little prisoner prop! Simple as people pie!

Dark Dungeon Display with Halloween prop texas chainsaw massacre latex makHalloween haunt dungeon setup with wall hanging prisoner prop

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