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A Sharp Haunting Tip idea on how to quickly & easily make professional looking Halloween monster props for your home haunt. Great looking creature props can be made by any level of home haunter if you start with a scary Halloween mask or latex head. Pair this up with some latex hands or gloves and you’ll have a spooky prop decoration in no time!

We have done this over and over again and built, in our opinion, realistic looking haunt props and the ideas for decorating this way are only limited by the number of scary masks or latex heads that can be found at your local Halloween store or online.

Here are a couple examples of the cool full size Halloween creatures we have been able to make using this prop building technique;

The Vampire
Halloween Prop used for decorating Home Haunt, Make a Classic Vampire

We made a classic female vampire prop in less than 2hr. She was pretty frightening and we believe the reason she turned out so well is because we started her build with believable Halloween head and hand props.

The Zombies

Halloween pictures of How to Make Zombie Props for your Home Haunt and other decorating ideas for Halloween Haunting

Most full size static props can be made quickly when you start with a scary looking Halloween mask or head and these zombies were no different.

The standing zombie prop we made in under 30 minutes. Not that making Halloween decorations and props needs to be a race and in fact projects generally turn out best if you take your time but sometimes when you’re running short on haunting time it’s nice to be able to build an awesome looking monster prop quickly

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