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A Sharp Tip on another Halloween use for those old blankets you were just going to use as stuffing or just plain throw out. You know what we’re talking about, we’ve all stuffed Halloween props with these before! But take another look, as you can see from this beat up blanket, the fill is Polyfiber. This stuff is good for any where you need thick spooky cobweb coverage on your Halloween props or decorations.

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For instance, one thing it is particularly good for is the spider cocoon victim prop. Instead of wrapping the skeleton prop completely in store bought Halloween cobwebs (which will take a long time) try using this stuff as a base layer and then using the finer store webs for the finishing touches.

You‘ll find that once you get it out of the blanket it can spread apart to a number of different textures for a number of different applications. Use your home haunting imagination and have fun with it!

Using Halloween props for decorations and party décor is always a good haunting ideaHalloween Home Haunt decorating idea is to use Polyfiber fill Scary Halloween props that can be used as party decorations

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