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A Sharp Halloween Tip on how to cheaply (and almost instantly) add head-only ground breaker props to your Halloween graveyard scene. Almost any latex Halloween masks can be used to make great ground breaking heads quickly and cheaply!

Using masks as a groundbreaker is a smart home haunting idea. Halloween images of Skull ground breaker props, graveyard haunting groundbreaking heads, latex Halloween masks

To make these simple, yet surprisingly effective, graveyard props we just bought a few cheap masks with hooded cowlings on them. Then, in order to fill them out, we stuffed Dollar-store balls into them! It was as simple as that!

Next, to get a little “neck“ height, we set the balls onto/into empty ice cream pails or another similar kind of container. Fill the bottom of the pails with rocks or sand for weight and we made sure to make the hooded cowlings cover up the containers and we were done!

We had ourselves a cheap & simple batch of creepy groundbreaker to help haunt our graveyard scene on Halloween night!

Ground breaker props, graveyard skulls decoration ideas, Halloween images of groundbreaker prop ideas

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