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A Sharp haunting Tip on how to make quick and dirty yet creepy Jack O Lantern pumpkins. It is inevitable that every year Halloween Night will arrive before we home haunters get a chance to get every haunted decoration up and prop ready for display.

One year we had a number of pumpkins that we intended to carve into JOLs but we ran out of time but we still wanted to use them anyway. So in a flash of desperation or a genius Halloween decorating idea, we quickly spay painted faces on them about a hour before the sunset of Halloween night.

We made sure to spray a little longer in some areas than other so that the black paint would “Bleed” black creepy streaks. Over all the technique turned out ok and produced some creepy pumpkin prop in a matter of minutes

So the next time you find yourself with pumpkins and no time to turn them into proper Jack-o-lanterns try this time saving decorating technique and turn them into Speed Jacks!

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Pumpkin King Free Halloween Image, free halloween artwork Pumpkin King, Free Halloween clipartStay Sharp!
Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.

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