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Styrofoam Stone Halloween prop by screamingscarecrowA Sharp Tip on how to help keep yourself happy when building Halloween props. Any home haunter who has slugged through a bunch of props to make their October 31st deadline knows that the grind can get to you. If you’re not careful this can sap some of the fun out of the Halloween season.

One of the strange little things that we like to do in order to keep ourselves amused, while we build our Halloween props, is add little details to the props that make us laugh.

Sure, most of the time, these little details on the props go completely unnoticed on Halloween night. But we know that they are there and they make us laugh & smile when we see them or think about them! And if a Trick-or-Treater does happens to notice them that is a big reward in itself !

This mouse hole at the base of our Guillotine prop was one of these silly little decorating ideas that made us smile! Remember to Always keep your Halloween home haunting fun!

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Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.

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