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A Sharp Tip on why white light can be your friend when you are lighting a Haunted Halloween scene.

Most of us Halloween home haunters start out making our scenes too dark and certainly avoid using white light. But as you learn how to play with light most will find that too dark is a waste of effort on detail – nobody can see your Halloween props!

And once you get past wanting to make every haunted scene dark as pitch then you may come to agree that small amounts of focused white light can become your best friend!

Halloween Home Haunt image by Screaming Scarecrow, Skeleton wizard fortune teller Halloween props and a skeleton witch Gypsy fortune teller scary prop for Halloween decorations idea

Above we washed the overall scene in blue but wanted to make the flaming face pop. The only way to do that is to focus a single white LED light on that area. It was also good decorating idea that a little bit spilled over on to the books so there was some color definition there too.

When setting up lighting for your Halloween props try experimenting with small battery operated LED lights to highlight specific areas and get colors to pop! Especially reds!

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Screaming Scarecrow Halloween Image: Lurking leprechaunStay Sharp! ScreamingScarecrow.

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