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A Sharp Tip idea on a must-keep-your-eyes-open-for item when you’re thrift store shopping for Halloween treasures. This must have item is of course the red satin bed sheet. The number of prop uses for this single piece of cloth is only limited by your prop building imagination but here’s a couple of main uses right off the top of our skulls…

  • It makes the perfect lining for any of your toe pincher coffin props.
  • It can used in all manner of Halloween costumes, Vampire capes, Witches Sashes, Pirates bandannas just to name a few.
  • It can be used to make cool Halloween flags and banners that can be displayed as decorations for your Halloween party or in the home haunt.

Here you can see that we’ve used a the red satin sheet as a coffin liner for our toe pincher donation coffin prop. As you can see it finishes the coffin off much more completely than just leaving it as painted wood.

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Also, even though red has more obvious uses, keep your eyes open for other satin material colors as well – blues, greens whatever. This is because Satin, being a shiny material, will bounce light back giving any prop you use on that extra special lighting touch.

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