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A Sharp Tip idea on what to do with fresh secondary wood or structural wood Secondary wood meaning not part of a prop or main object in a Halloween haunted scene.

For instance, in the following photos, the Isolation Trunk is an object in the scene that sits on the floor of the scene. The Isolation Trunk is a main object while the floor is really secondary and structural.

The plywood floor is fresh wood so it’ll not look 100% correct in the scene if left as is, it needs to be darker. However, we would not paint it black as black does not reflect any light and often makes a scene too dark for your guests eyes and its sometimes tough to get good Halloween images.

Instead we just “dirty” it up by lightly spray painting black onto the plywood.

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It doesn’t take much spray paint or time to turn fresh looking wood into dirty wood which is almost always the better look in a Halloween Haunt scene.

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