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A sharp tip for Halloween home haunt decorating, on how to quickly and consistently give your creatures of the night natural looking, bulked up monster shoulders and chest.

Wheather you’re in a rush to throw together a last minute monster prop or you’re giving life to one of your greatest monster creations old hockey shoulder pads are one of the easiest & fastest ways to get good shoulder and chest form.

Once we had the “T” cross that made up the armature for the creature’s neck and shoulder we simply tossed the shoulder padding on, dressed it with whatever Halloween costume we liked at the time and in less than 2 minutes, a quick and believalble body bulk.

Halloween How to tip for home haunting, make monster prop with shoulders

Home haunting Halloween How to tip and ideas for monster props making

We always keep an eye out for these things at garage sales and thrift stores where we can pick them up cheap because they are like instant upper body forms.

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Stay Sharp!Halloween Image: Lurking Leprechaun, creepy, spooky


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