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Like most horrors under the bed, the Raefin can taste fear and indeed that is how it chooses a bed for its hunting ground. Once under a bed the terradactyl like monster begins its strange feeding cycle. Their wings are too small to support their body in flight and therefore the beast uses black magic to enchant its wings much like a pixie relies on pixie dust to fly.

In this case the “dust” is the sleeper’s fear and the Raefin must wait and gather enough until its wings are capable of carrying the victim off into the night where the hapless soul will surely be meat for a nest of hatchlings. By the time the meat has all been devoured, the Raefin wings are again useless and it must prowl on foot in search of another bed

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Hope You Enjoyed Our Dark Art Number 004.
Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.

Halloween Art: THE RAEFIN is a ScreamingScarecrow random original
from my “What’s Under The Bed” collection.
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