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Soomanik Mor (Zoom-A-Nic-More) which loosely translates into “Nothing Left” is also sometimes called the HyenaFaced minion. This mutant minion has a shadow hyena face for a snout. Its jaws are equally as powerful as its earthly counterpart but it is its dual set of eyes that sets this creature of the night a part.

This ravenous beast uses its normal set of eyes for hunting flesh on this plane while its seemly hollow set of eyes can sense the scent of the departing spirit of its victim. After it has consumed its fill of flesh it then tracks down and kills the fleeing spirit. This hunter minion was designed to eliminate foes in this world and the next.

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Hope You Enjoyed Our Dark Art Number 022.
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Halloween Art: SOOMANIK MOR is a ScreamingScarecrow random original
from my “Creatures of The Night” collection.
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