Dark Art 029



Sithritch the Spider

 Haunted horror artwork home made from screaming scarecrow‘s Halloween haunt
Copyright ScreamingScarecrowStudios

Every good wicked witch needs at least one familiar spirit and our home haunt witch, Frigga, is no different.

If fact she has three to help her with her magic! Of course she has a black cat and then there is also an old spooky owl up in the corner – but for her nasty spells she has Sithritch, her fat black venomous spider.

Almost the size of a large man’s fist and always thirsty for sweet meat juice, you‘d better not tarry too long in Frigga’s hut when you need your next potion or hex!

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Hope You Enjoyed Our Dark Art Number 029.
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

Halloween Art: Sithritch the Spider is a Screaming Scarecrow home haunt extraction original
from my “Creatures of the Night” collection.
Copyright Screaming Scarecrow Studios


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