Dark Art 026




 Haunted Tree Halloween images from screaming scarecrow, Twisted Trees Halloween artwork images of spooky Halloween Haunted Tree

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Twhick & Twhack – Terrible twin spirits haunting the same twisted tree. Incessant bickering through the long years (there never seems to be enough meat to go around) has turned their hearts black as the pitch running through their woody veins!

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Creepy pulsing Blue skull  artwork free Halloween Images
Hope You Enjoyed Our Dark Art Number 026.
Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.

Halloween Art: TWINS OF TERROR is a ScreamingScarecrow original
from my “Twisted Tress” collection.
Copyright ScreamingScarecrowStudios

3 Responses to “Dark Art 026”

  1. Debbie Peet says:

    How do u come up with this stuff?? Awesome!!!!!!!!

  2. Screaming Scarecrow says:

    Do you find us disturbing? MuuHahahaaaa!!! 🙂
    Thanks for commenting!
    Glad you like our Halloween Dark Art!
    I guess when you enjoy what you’re doing stuff just bubbles up to the surface!
    Cheers SS!

  3. Chanel says:

    LOVE this one. You need to offer that as a wall paper or something. I’d put it up on my PC for sure


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