Dark Art 028



Graveyard Goblin

 Haunted Halloween artwork derived from screaming scarecrow‘s home haunt graveyard
Copyright ScreamingScarecrowStudios

Next time you go for a midnight stroll through a Halloween graveyard you may feel a pair of evil little orange glowing eyeballs leering at you from amongst the tumbling tombstones and weathered wooden crosses.

but don’t be too alarmed, this small creature of the night is more interested in gobbling pumpkins than cause you any real harm!

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Creepy pulsing Blue skull  artwork free Halloween Images
Hope You Enjoyed Our Dark Art Number 028.
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

Halloween Art: Graveyard Goblin is a Screaming Scarecrow home haunt extraction original
from my “Creatures of the Night” collection.
Copyright Screaming Scarecrow Studios


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