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Dephorra is a Haunted Halloween Artwork image by screaming scarecrow
Copyright ScreamingScarecrowStudios

An insect like creature which flits about the darkness on 6 dragonfly like wings, the Dephorra is the egging lying Queen of its nasty species. She roams the night in search of open bedroom windows in hopes of finding a human incubator for her spawn.

Upon finding such a soul, she first delivers a drop of venom into the tear duck using the needle point stinger at the end of her cigar thick abdomen. As this neurotoxin travels up the optic nerve and straight into the brain, the sleeping occupant of the room begins to experience deep & dark nightmares.

Next she will secrete fear pheromones by rubbing together scent glands on her Praying Mantis like front legs. This increases the victim’s nightmares to a fevered pitch which is what the 4 to 6 inch Dephorra is really after.

As her victim breaks into the cold sweat of fear she lays anywhere from 3 to 12 soft-shelled, sticky, wiggling eggs on the forehead. The salt and chemicals released in the distressed perspiration acts to dissolve the jelly-bean-sized eggs, freeing the slug like nasties inside known as GutKnots

Of course once free these parasites blindly find their way into the mouth and down the gullet where they’ll feed on the excess stomach acids secreted as a result of the stressful nightmares.

Better make sure to shut your windows tight before turning in tonight!

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Hope You Enjoyed Our Dark Art Number 016.
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Halloween Art: VAMPIRE MOTH MASK is a ScreamingScarecrow random original
from my “NightMares” collection.
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