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Safety on Halloween night should be the home haunters first thought and their second thought and probably their last thought. Whatever a haunter plans to do it should be safe for the tricker-treaters and themselves no matter how cool it may look!

Halloween Torch This is why we almost NEVER use fire in our Halloween Home haunts. The risks associated with fire (including death) are just to serious to ignore so it was after much thought and consideration that we decided to use Tiki torches in our 2008 Halloween Haunt design.

We made that decision based a lot of factors some of which are listed below;

  • The Weather leading up to Halloween had been rainy so everything was damp.
  • We were not in a closed in haunt structure with walls and a roof.
  • We were able to place the Tiki torches well away from and above actors, Tricker-treaters and Halloween props.
  • We were able to secure the torches with plumbing clamps and other techniques so that there was no way they could fall over.
  • We cut the wicks short on the lower torches so that they would have only produce modest little flames.
  • We had a dedicated individual with fire extinguishers whose only responsibility that Halloween evening was to keep an eye on the torch flames to ensure that nothing happened. But if something, somehow did happen there would be an immediate response.

Because yours truly was the designated “Fire Marshall”, I found that even after taking all these precautions adding the fire element to our haunt just added an unusual stress level for me because instead of getting caught up in the fun of haunting I had to concentrate on the serious job fire marshalling.

So the last words we have on the Tiki Torch Talk would be – even though torch fire adds its own unique ambience to a Halloween scene it is not worth the risks! Always Haunt Safe!

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