Slippery When Wet



Slippery When Wet

Roof of a Halloween Home hauntBecause we don’t have a garage we like to build a Halloween Home Haunt structures to house our props and scare actors. One thing that can really dampen everyone‘s Halloween spirit is rain. Especially if it is leaking through the roof of our haunt. For this reason we use tarps and plastic to keep our haunt‘s roof leak free.

The problem with this is that both of these material are extremely slippery when they are wet or have snow on them.

Whenever we have to go up onto our haunt’s roof we use extreme care but as an extra precaution we also like to nail a couple of asphalt shingles down where we have to walk. The gritty surface of the shingle helps to ensure our safety when we are up there and its wet weather.

Our official Home Haunting recommendation is:
When working on a roof in dry or wet conditions –

Always Practise Safety First

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Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.

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