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Do Come In And Sit For A Spell…

Werewolf Librarian Halloween prop, Full sized creature, Wolf mask and hands plus feet added to stuffed suit. Haunted Library scene in Halloween home haunt

Here‘s one haunt scene that we had tons of fun with. We have used this werewolf figure before, decorating for other Halloween parties but new for this season we gave him his own haunted library / study room.

When we 1st came up with the idea for this display it was supposed to be interactive with the TOTs but of course the calendar slipped away on us. When October 31s arrived, this room in our home haunt was only filled with static props.

But that doesn’t mean it was a cake walk for the guests who came through our haunt – just as they were leaving this sinister study, full of decorating details, they had to walk past a tear away wall scare tactic. We got a lot of good Halloween screams with that one!

This is the werewolf mask we used, some latex wolf hands and his werewolf feet.

Haunted Wolfman Librarian in an old fashion chair Halloween prop. Haunting décor for our Halloween home haunt. Wolfman Mask and gloves plus paw shoe coversHome Haunt Halloween prop, werewolf sitting in front of haunted fireplace. More decorating ideas using latex masks and Halloween monster hand glovesHaunted Fireplace in Werewolf Library haunt display. Another hardcore Halloween home haunting idea that we used to decoration our walk through this season

You can see from the middle picture, which shows the side shot of the Wolfman, that the point of view is almost in line with the wall – this is because the photo was taken from within the secret room with the tear away wall. The unsuspecting victim had to walk right past the scare actor with a scary Halloween mask!

As mentioned earlier, this room was full of spooky haunted decorations and most folks walking thru our Halloween haunt enjoy the attention to details. Here are some pictures showing some of the spooky details…

Haunted Books in Spooky library décor in Halloween home hauntOld Spooky Books Halloween prop in home haunt with werewolf, Skull prop with candlelabraCool Halloween Haunt idea, werewolf librarian in scary, dusty old library full of haunted books and clocks with Halloween skulls and candle props

You can see from most of our Halloween pictures that we use Scene Setters to begin decorating the rooms in our haunt. What makes these vinyl rolls and panels such a great decoration is that most of them have high calibre imagery on them (certainly far better than we could ever do!) and when used in a small room they can add the illusion of more size or more spooky props than you could ever fit into the room.

Above, you can see the wall with the haunted bookshelf scene behind old dusty books and creepy skull prop is a good example of this idea.

Below, you can see how a scene setter of a scary haunted fireplace used in the corner finished off our werewolf‘s study. At the bottom of the fireplace, behind the plastic, we put a twinkling red, yellow & blue LED light.

It appeared that the image of the fire was twinkling. That worked out really well and every trick-or-treater that came through commented on the amazing detail in our haunt decorations and props.

Halloween pictures of haunted fireplace prop in home hauntSpooky decoration, Vampire Skull Prop on top a stack of haunted books in our Halloween hauntMore haunted library scene Halloween decorating ideas. Creepy Old Clock

More Haunted Halloween Props by Screaming Scarecrow.

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