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UberGrim Construction Part I
How We Made A 16 foot Tall Grim Reaper.

For some reason that we have yet to identify, other than we are suckers for punishment, we build a new haunt from the ground up every year. We go from an empty driveway to, in the case of Halloween season 2009, a 16 foot tall Grim Reaper haunt complete with coffin entrance door!

This was our most colossal home haunting dream come true to date! What follows is a quick run down of what we did to pull it off. Not so much a how to article but more of a this-is-what-we-did tale. So gather round and sit for a spell, if you fancy, and listen to the tale of The Rise of UBerGrim!


Will end up being our Halloween haunt entrance Giant Grim Reaper halloween prop


Halloween haunt entrance Giant Grim Reaper halloween prop

Before we continue with the tale, first a few cautionary words – we strongly caution that nobody should attempt a setup like this unless they can determine and understand for themselves the risks involved. Read our Beware page. I hate that we have to put that in there, but now that we have – lets get on with the good stuff!

For the most part we built our haunt structure out of 2×4 walls and roofs which we then skinned with sheets of plywood and OSB. (see Halloween Haunt 2009 Construction for more details.

For this Giant Grim Reaper Halloween prop, once we had the base shape constructed and the coffin door setup we then wrapped the structure with black tarps. This black rectangle with the coffin door would become the base for our Uber Grim on Halloween night.

Our Halloween haunt structureOur Halloween haunt structureOur Halloween haunt structure

Next we started on mounting Uber‘s skull which we bought along with his oversized skeleton hand props at a store called Party Stuff. The challenge here was to find a way to have a light weight structure 16 feet in the air that would be able to safely with stand winds so that it would not fall on to anybody – that would be very bad!

What we came up with was to take a piece of ¾ inch plywood and then build and screw a 2×6 lumber box onto its back flush with one edge. This edge would become the bottom. For this, because we wanted extra strength we used many nails and tons of screws – more than we normally would have.

Next we cut the plywood down to be a little larger than the skull and screwed the skull prop to the plywood lining up the bottom of the jaw with the edge of the plywood that had the 2×6 box flush with it. Because the screws we used were longer than the thickness of the plywood we used cut-ffs from the plywood to take up the extra screw length. We hate getting ripped & cutup from screw tips!

When we were finished this we had Uber’s skull ready for mounting on his neck/shoulder structure.

Build a giant grim reaper skullgiant grim reaper skull Halloween propHow We Built a Giant Grim Reaper Halloween Prop, how toUber Grim the Giant Grim Reaper Halloween prop project

Well that concludes the first part of our “The Rise of UberGrim” tale. Hope you’ve enjoyed it up till this point. Click to continue reading Part II

Halloween Image: Jack-O-LantrenThanks for reading! We hope you find our Halloween Content cool and maybe even useful. Come back and visit us often!
Cheers! ScreamingScarecrow.

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