Torture Room 2009



Torture Room 2009

Torture Chamber Props in Halloween home haunt

The Torture chamber room that we put together for the 2009 Halloween season was mostly filled with static Halloween props but we did have one actor working the guillotine. This working guillotine was for us the most bloody prop yet..

As I’ve said numerous time we are more about the creep factor than matter splatter but a little bit sometimes can be fun too!

Torture room Props

It was a small haunt space, just 6 by 12 with 4 foot walk way through the middle so that really only left 2 6 by 4 foot spaces. On one side was the stockade, skeleton in a suspended cage, an isolation trunk and a lower level dungeon cell. This side was lit in green.

Halloween Torture room Props

On the opposite side was the guillotine with a static executioner prop and a scare actor. There were also two hanging skeleton shadow scene setters behind the guillotine. This side was lit in orange.

For such a small haunt space we sure got a lot of big reactions from our guests! Checkout the below photo gallery of our 2009 Halloween Torture Chamber.

That’s it! Check back often as we post more props and other Halloween related content!

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