The Zombie Lounge



The Zombie Lounge

Foam Body Zombie Props for Halloween Home Haunting by screaming scarecrow

New for 2009 was a 10’ by 10’ room that we setup and dubbed, The Zombie Lounge!

You can never have too many zombie props Right?!

In this room there were chairs and love seat and the Tots would enter one side and walk thru to the an exit on the other side. In the room we had 3 static Zombie props 1 corpsified skeleton props 2 wall Halloween images of zombies and then 1 live actor.

It was the actors job to blend in any not draw attention to itself until the Tots we passing or already past and then spring to life!

This was a very effective scare tactic the garnered a lot of Halloween screams!

Our 1st Zombie prop was a fellow we came to call Stumpy because he has no arms and one shoulder has a bone sticking out.

Make a Halloween Zombie Prop for HalloweenMake a Halloween Zombie Prop for HalloweenMake a Halloween Zombie Prop for Halloween

We simply made Stumpy’s zombie chest out foam mattress and inserted a neck stump to hang a Halloween Zombie mask on. Then dressed the foam ribs body shape in a shredded shirt and sat all this atop a pair stuffed pants with empty boots and viola! Stumpy was ready to haunt on Halloween Night!

Stalker Worker Halloween Zombie Prop

Kitty corner across from Stumpy was a static standing zombie prop that was another quick build.

We started with a latex head and an old pair of work overalls. Using black 1 and a half inch PVC pipe we built a single legged body armature.

Then we added a foam body shape dressed in the overalls and added a couple of zombie hands and he was done!

Believe it or not this zombie prop was ready to eat brains in 20 minutes!

Zombie Head Shot Halloween Zombie Prop

Look at more Halloween Pictures of these zombies in The Zombie Lounge of our home haunt.

More Haunted Halloween Props by Screaming Scarecrow.
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3 Responses to “The Zombie Lounge”

  1. dorian harman says:

    your website is awesome and i thought we have to buy the items but you tell us how to make them so cool!!

  2. Chris says:

    Beautiful work! When I imagine a zombie lounge, this is what I picture. Just a pinch of salt on the brains, and we’re all ready for a party!

  3. […] of the track (which features nothing but zombie sounds). It’s perfect for a room filled with seemingly static zombies. It could also work well in areas where zombies surprise visitors when they least expect it. If you […]


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