The HunchBacked Cat



The Hunch-Backed Zombie Cat

(boy that’s a mouth full!)

There are those Halloween Home Haunters who are purists and they take great pride and pleasure from making every Halloween prop they own. Some even view store bought props as a bad thing, something to be avoided. We feel that as long as people are haunting their homes on Halloween Night then who cares where the props come from!

For us because we are not particularly gifted with an abundance of talent, anything really cool looking in our haunt probably came from online or a store somewhere. Then we may add few of our own creepy touches to the prop later.

This Hunch-Backed Zombie Cat was one of those Halloween props that when we saw it in the store we loved it and just had to buy it!

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Remember, any Halloween haunting is good haunting fun in our books!

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Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.


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