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Chicken Boy
Through The Years

Chicken Boy Halloween prop goat headed demon satyr scary home haunt character by Screaming Scarecrow

Ahhhh (sigh of fondness) Chicken Boy came to us in the August of 2005. Like so many of our home haunt’s character props he started out as a Halloween mask and an idea.

And like so many of our masks, it was one that we bought the day after Halloween for 50% off.

From the moment we saw those haunted yellow eyes staring back at us from his demon goat like head, we knew that this creature of the night had to be an evil satyr.

His prop body armature was simple enough, 2×3 lumber screwed and glued together and then mounted onto a sturdy piece of ¾ inch plywood. The only tricky part was that we definitely wanted him to have the bent back satyr knees coming down into cloven hooves.

Screaming Scarecrow Halloween Home Haunting Prop creation Chicken Boy

For his overall prop shape we used the sheets of extruded metal that stucco guys use. This worked really well because the hole spacing was very small so it was very easy to shape his body lines.

One thing we did different when building this home made Halloween prop was not to use Monster Mud.

In our haunting craziness, we thought that it would be a break through moment, in great prop building ideas, to use stucco cement instead.

We figured, “Hey! We won‘t have to weather proof this prop! He‘ll last forever!”

Scary home haunt props used for Halloween decorating

Well all we can say is, substituting that stuff for monster mud had its own challenges, lets just say be sure to wear protective gloves while doing this – But we‘ll leave that for another post – lets get back to Chicken Boy’s story.

Guess the most common question we were asked about this particular haunt prop is, “Chicken Boy? Chicken Boy?! What the hell kinda scary name is Chicken Boy?!!

Well – it is simply a name that stuck! He actually is a goat headed spooky satyr character prop. But while he was taking shape during the building phase our neighbour noted his big drumstick looking legs and asked,’

Make an Evil Satyr Halloween prop decoration

“What are you making now, a giant chicken to terrorize the trick-r-treaters with on Halloween night?”

And we laughed at the idea of it! From then on when he would drop by to check on the haunt‘s progress or lend a hand he would ask how Chicken Boy was coming along – and that‘s how he acquired his not so scary haunt name!

Given his building material, the prop actually did stand up well to the outdoor elements. But his one downfall was his weight. The prop ended up being quite heavy and a safety concern was that he‘d topple over onto a haunt guest.

Scary Halloween creature prop peering into a window in Screaming Scarecrow‘s home haunt

So we always had him positioned somewhat away from the main activity or had him heavily weighted down.

For the last two Halloween seasons, because he was breaking down under his own weight, we had to have him tied up to the haunt structure to keep him standing. He just couldn‘t do it on his own anymore.

With this prop, two new innovations in prop building for us were his hands and his loincloth.

Scary Halloween creature prop peering into a window in Screaming Scarecrow‘s home haunt

This was the first time we ever used latex gloves and Great Stuff expanding foam to make monster hands. And it was the first time we dunked burlap into straight latex paint to make a weather proof garment for one of our Halloween creatures of the night.

Overall people who came thru our Halloween walk thru home haunt loved Chicken Boy.

Many people posted with him for pictures and he turned many heads after the season when he would ride around town in the back of a pickup truck on the way to off season storage. Lots of times we‘d do a couple of laps just to give the folks something to gawk at.

Looking back at this prop over the years and how much we‘ve enjoyed having him in our home haunt we are surprised that we do not have more photos of him.

Like we said, “One of our favourite Halloween character props that we took for granted“.

Latex Halloween Mask used in home haunting decorating and prop building

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Screaming Scarecrow Halloween Image: Lurking leprechaun home haunt ideasThanks for Dropping By.
Hope you enjoyed our Halloween prop Chicken Boy!
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

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