Ready For Your Rorschach



Ready For Your Rorschach

Since their creation in 1921, when Hermann Rorschach came up with the idea of using ambiguous designs to test the personality traits of an individual, inkblots have been widely used by psychology practitioners.

Well we thought it was time to examine the creepy insides of the home haunter and other fans of Halloween fun with our very own set of scary inkblot images.

So go ahead, Click to view larger image and look deeply into these Halloween Pictures and tell the Good Doctor what you see!

Halloween Inkblots
by Screaming Scarecrow
Scary Bat Halloween inkblot image, good for home haunting fun and party decorationHalloween Pictures of creepy inkblots, Scary Skeleton prop from our home haunting party decorationHalloween decoration, Sinister monster mask
Demon Skull halloween mask party decoration in our haunted houseHalloween jack o lantern pumpkin prop can be used as haunt ideaFrankenstein Halloween monster mask, Scary inkblot clipart image

Did you notice all the pretty Butterflies & Rainbows? Balloons & Unicorns?

Hmmm? Well maybe you‘ll have better luck with our next set of Halloween Inkblots

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Be sure to look around while you’re here,
you never know what you might unearth!
Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.

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