One Pumpkin Escaped The Knife



Pumpkin Escapes Carving
Only To Suffer a Delectable Demise!

Halloween pumpkin used as decoration and in delicious recipes

October 31st 2011, we setup a pile of pumpkins for our haunted home display.

We carved Jack O Lantern decorations all evening on the 30th and then several more during the afternoon of Halloween.

Although this kind of home haunting was a big departure from our normal chills and thrills most people seemed to enjoy it and it was a ton less work for us!

A few days after Halloween while cleaning up and hauling away the few props and decorations that we did drag out, we came across this sneaky little gourd who somehow hid itself in the corner of our dinning room and was completely overlooked during the carving frenzy!

Good pumpkin eating at Halloween time - homemade baked pumpkin recipe

Having cleverly avoided becoming a spooky outdoor decoration there was only one fate left for this perfectly ripe pumpkin and that was for the lurking lunatics at Screaming Scarecrow Studios to become some gourd gobbling goblins!

Nothing fancy or difficult – we simply cut off the top and bottom then cut the rest into wedges and removed the fleshy seeds portion of each wedge

Once the wedge slices were prepped we then simply laid them out on a baking pan and deeply scored them in a checker pattern so they’d be ready to receive whatever yummy flavours we wanted.

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Oven baked flavoured pumpkin wedge recipe for Halloween time eating and dining at you home

Some got garlic powder, seasoning salt & Cajun spices while other got sweet chilli sauce and then the last couple received a kiss of honey and of course there was butter!

Covered the whole shebang with tin foil and into the oven, at 300 degrees, we popped them for about 3hours. It was scary how tender they were!

We just forked them right off the rind which we didn’t eat in case you were wondering.

Screaming Scarecrow baked pumpkin recipe instead of jack o lantern decoration.

Oh so good! I hope every Halloween at least one pumpkin hides the Jack-O-Lantern carver‘s knife!

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Happy Home Haunting and
May your Pumpkin Treats be so tasty it scary!
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

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